Gloucester Aero Club Annual Fly In

05-06 November 2011


NB: This does not replace good Airmanship! This information is provided in good faith, accuracy is not guaranteed and is for guidance only



S32.03.05 E151.58.34

RWY 17/35, 840 m, Orange indicates fly over only.




Runway Direction: 17 / 35

Elevation: 420

Length: 840m Short Grass


Note: The strip is in great condition and regularly maintained however at the Northern end 140m (to north of dirt road crossing strip) should be considered fly over as the surface is not as well maintained.

Slope: 1 degree down on RWY 35

Obstacles: Some tall gum trees south of the RWY 35 threshold

Area Communication: Brisbane Centre 120.55

Multicom: In the Circuit use 126.7 (although not a registered CTAF)

Procedures: All Aircraft, Circuits to West, Standard Circuit height

Windsock: One in south eastern corner, one at north western end on the clubhouse

Caution: Williamtown Restricted Airspace is the adjacent and overlying airspace. We are in the light aircraft lane to the west of Williamtown, see the VTC series charts.

Prior Permission Required: Contact Chris Maslen 0428 582718

Note: Permission not required for club meetings or special events

Landing Fee: Nominal charge is $10 in letterbox by the clubhouse door.

Club Facilities: Available on request; Clubhouse and limited hangarage with limited bunk accommodation, full Kitchen / Bathroom facilities. Camping available with use of club facilities at nominal charge.

Fuel: Limited fuel is available from drums in emergency.